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Our team includes chemists, biologists, and engineers. collaborators from Washington University labs, other universities, industry, and national labs 

Our Expertise
Overall theme

Excited states are the cornerstone of a variety of chemical, physical, and biological phenomena. The ability to investigate and control excited states is one of the largest achievements of modern science and is the foundation of optical imaging. Our research interest lies in the investigation and application of molecular excited states for medical imaging, and environmental monito-ring. The lab currently searches for optical signatures of biological tissue using hyperspectral imaging from ultraviolet (UV) to shortwave infrared (SWIR), designs optically active probes to understand chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy (CIPN) in vivo, and develops novel optical instrumen-tation for spectroscopy and imaging

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PI: Mikhail Berezin, PhD






Washington University School of Medicine

Department of Radiology

4515 McKinley Ave,

St. Louis, MO 63110




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News & Publications

Newly accepted papers from our lab: 

68. Zeng S, Sudlow L, Berezin MY*, Using Xenopus oocytes in neurological disease drug discovery, Expert Opinion On Drug Discovery, accepted Oct 2019

67. Zeng S, Grabowska D, Shahverdi K, Sudlow L, Achilefu S, Berezin MY*, Fluorescence lifetime imaging reveals heterogeneous functional distribution of EGFP expressed in Xenopus oocytes, Methods and Applications in Fluorescence, accepted Oct 2019

66. Luzhansky ID, Sudlow LC, Brogan DM, Wood MD, Berezin MY*, Imaging in the Repair of Peripheral Nerve Injury, Nanomedicine, 2019, accepted Sep 2019

We welcome new lab members:

Junwei Du and Igor Luzhansky, IMSE PhD Students

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